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About Hatt Marrison:

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

Hi! My name is Matthew (Hatt) Harrison and I’m a teacher and researcher from Melbourne, Australia. I passionately believe in the role that technology can have in helping to deliver quality education. I’m a believer in teaching tools that go beyond gimmicks and actually improve the quality of the learning occurring in my classroom. I’ve focused on designing the types of apps that will meet the needs of real teachers working in real classrooms with real children.

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P.S. In case you are curious this is where I am currently living:

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4 thoughts on “Welcome To Hatt Designs!

  1. hi Mathew, what is the title of the track you used in your video? i’ve been trying to find that out.

  2. Hi Wen – the music in the video is the introduction track from the album by XX called ‘XX’ (it’s the first track). It’s available on iTunes. If you can’t find it I can send you a link.

  3. I have a funny, compassionate 10 year old named Eli who is slogging along through school with ADHD/mixed subtype and a mood disorder which his psychiatrist is hesitant to call “bipolar disorder” because she just HATES to label a little guy so young. He’s also emotionally troubled by the abandonment (and then infrequent in and out games) of his father when he was 6 months old. Eli is the youngest of 8 children. We are grateful to have his psychiatrist on our team.
    Eli struggles mightily with math and hates to write because he has small motor deficits and thus thinks much faster than he can write. He’s beginning to hate school altogether as we’ll. He’s going to be in 5th grade this upcoming school year. I started home schooling him in 4th grade because the private Christian school he was attending couldn’t handle his emotional meltdowns and, although I could re-enroll him they couldn’t offer him any scholarship. Without scholarship I couldn’t afford to send him. Our local public school district is not an option. Children like Eli are classified as troublemakers and not adequately served. Unless a student excels academically, plays football or basketball, or plays in the band, they don’t receive much attention in our local district. My little guy is as deserving of a good education as a football player…although at the 3rd percentile in size of ten year olds there isn’t much chance of that. LOL.
    I was really thrilled to find your graphic organizer and maths apps for iPads this morning. I already downloaded your free apps.
    I also have an app called AppShopper that let’s me at tag apps I want and then it alerts me when they “go free” for a couple hours or days, as many do for promotional reasons. I’m just waiting for some or all of yours to go free and hope to start next school year with all of your apps on our “iPad Shelf of Homeschool Helpers.”
    God bless you for putting your heart into these wonderful and inexpensive apps for children!!

  4. Your apps look great Matt – look forward to trialling/using them in our writing project next term – love that I can see the mind/finger prints of a teacher in their overall design FABULOUS!

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