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  1. Hi Cheryl – sorry we had a problem with the new version of iOS. It’s all fixed now – any other problems please let me know. Cheers Hatt

  2. Hi,
    A couple of suggestions for your opinion app: have the text page open in the same horizontal mode as the app, please add support with iOS speak selection, allow the prompt to remain to be seen in text box, enable copy and paste or extraction into a word document.

  3. Thanks Cindy – many of these features will be on the way with the new version soon to be released!

  4. Hi Matt, can you make all your apps web-based as well? So that way students can use them on laptops as well 🙂

  5. Hi Matt, great app would be great for my student. My only question is can I edit the activities so they state exactly what my student will be doing?
    i.e Computer Time, Lexia Programme etc.

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