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All Apps Patched To Work With iOS7

Thank for everyones patience waiting for the latest versions of the Hatt apps. Free updates are now available via iTunes for all of the apps. These updates will fix the issues that some users reported with the latest version of iOS 7. If there are any further problems please let me know. Thanks!

Thanks For A Great August!

Thank you to all of the people who have supported Hatt Designs! August was our best month ever in terms of sales and new customers and it’s very rewarding to get such a positive response. I’m continuing to add features to existing apps and to develop new ideas so please keep checking out the Hatt Designs website ( and the Facebook group. Cheers from Hatt!

The Great 100s Chart Bearventure – Coming Soon!

Coming Soon: Hatt Designs is pleased to introduce our new iPad and Android app ‘The Great 100s Chart Bearventure’. This app is our first foray into creating an app that helps develop skills in mathematics and we are excited to see what you think. Check back here soon for a release date (within two weeks).

Bearventure Screenshot

Coming soon to a tablet near you!

Everyone: I’ll be using this page now to post the latest updates for Hatt Designs. Please check back here for the latest Hatt App news!

Check back here for the latest Hatt news!

Goodbye English Blog, Hello End Of Year DVD

Everyone: Well guys – this is the week where I’ll finally transform my class blog into a website/blog for my app company Hatt Designs. It’s been a fun 8 months! Check checking here to see what I’ve been up to with my educational apps and let me know if you have any suggestions. Don’t be too sad because everyone will get a copy of the English Yearbook DVD in August – this will have all of our movies, lessons and games available to you to use whenever you like for the rest of your life!