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Group Work is the first app designed specially to support group learning, decision making and to facilitate discussions. Combining 12 engaging thinking tools, Group Work helps students of all ages and abilities to work together and to think critically about topics and issues. Group Work is designed to be easy to use and highly visual, yet is also surprisingly powerful. Click here to download! (for Apple iPad)

Group Work Tools
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Whats On Today – $0.99 from Hatt Marrison on Vimeo.

What’s On Today? is designed to be easy to use for students and teacher’s alike. It is interesting to look and easy for anxious students to reference throughout the day. Click here to download it from the iTunes App Store for just 99 cents! (for Apple iPad and iPhone)

Click here to download.

Train Station Tasks – $0.99 from Hatt Marrison on Vimeo.

Train Station Tasks: Train Station Tasks is designed to help motivate young children complete tasks set by a teacher or parent. It’s fun, easy to use and provides the structure that many children require to thrive at school or at home. Click here to download for just 99 cents! (for Apple iPad and iPhone)

Train Station Tasks Screen #1 Hi Res
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Click here to download.

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